New Releases


Articles, interviews and artworks by
Paul Binnie have appeared in the following publications

Newspapers and Magazines

The Evening Standard (London, UK)
26th September 1984

The Scotsman (Glasgow, UK)
5th March 1990

The Observer (London, UK)
17th June 1990

Scotland on Sunday (Edinburgh, UK)
17th June 1990

Badi, magazine (Tokyo, Japan)
May & September 1995

Kvallsposten (Malmō, Sweden)
27th September 1996

Tokyo American Club, magazine (Tokyo, Japan)
October 1996

Engaki Kai, magazine (Tokyo, Japan)
August & September 1997

Daruma 17 (Kobe, Japan)
Winter 1997

Tokyo American Club, magazine (Toyko, Japan)
June 1998

Daruma 20 (Kobe, Japan)
Autumn 1998

The Evening Standard (London, UK)
3rd December 1998

Art Review (London, UK)
March 1999

The Asian Art Newspaper (London, UK)
March 1999

Insight Japan (Tokyo, Japan)
March 1999

Visiting Arts, magazine (London, UK)
March 1999
Galleries Magazine (London, UK)
March & April 1999

NichiEi Times (London, UK)
10th October 1999

Eikoku News Digest (London, UK)
28th October 1999

Barbican Guide (London, UK)
November 1999

The Asian Art Newspaper (London, UK)
February 2000

Galleries Magazine (London, UK)
April 2000

NichiEi Times (London, UK)
4th & 20th June 2000

Shakespeare Society Journal (Stratford, UK)
June 2000

What's On (London, UK)
May 2001

The Cornerhouse, magazine (Manchester, UK)
May 2001

The Asian Art Newspaper (London, UK)
May 2001

Skylines - British Airways, magazine (London, UK)
May 2001

Wallpaper, magazine (cover) (London, UK & New York, USA)
July-August 2002

The Asian Art Newspaper (London, UK)
February 2003

Cincinnati Playhouse, magazine (Cincinnati, USA)
March-April 2003

Andon 74 (Bergeijk, Netherlands)
May 2003

NSMT Playbill (Dunham Woods, IL, USA)
September 2003

Japan Society Quarterly (Toronto, Canada)
Spring 2004
Printmaking Today (London, UK)
Winter 2004

Andon 77 (Bergeijk, Netherlands)
November 2004

Architectural Digest (Paris, France)
December 2004- January 2005

Bonhams Auction, catalog (London, UK)
19th September 2006

International Tattoo Convention, magazine (London, UK)
October 2006

CWAJ Diary 2007 (Tokyo, Japan)
October 2006broadcast 1st August 2003


Kendall H. Brown, Kawase Hasui,
Hotei Publishing, 2003 (mention)

Arendie and Henk Herwig, Heroes of the Kabuki Stage,
Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2004 (illustration)

Amy Reigle Newland (ed.), Hotei Encyclopedia of Japanese
Woodblock Prints, Hotei Publishing, Amsterdam, 2005 (mention)

Ronald Cavaye, Paul Griffith and Akihiko Senda, A Guide to the
Japanese Stage, Kodansha, Tokyo, 2004 (illustration)

Kendal H. Brown, Paul Griffith and Akama Ryo,
Paul Binnie: A Dialogue with the Past,
Art Media Resources, Chicago, USA, 2007

Television Appearances

For Granada TV (Manchester, UK)
'Granada Tonight', as broadcast 14th June 2001

For BBC (London, UK)
'Painting the Weather', as broadcast 12th June 2002

For Channel 5 (Nashville, TN, USA)
'Talk of the Town', as broadcast 25th July 2003

For WSMV (Nashville, TN, USA)
'Woodblock Art', as broadcast 1st August 2003